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HydroMassage Lounge

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HydroMassage 300 Series

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HydroMassage Lounge

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  • HydroMassage Lounge
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Company Information

About HydroMassage

HydroMassage, "The Best Daily Massage" is a brand of JTL Enterprises, with its headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. JTL was developed in 1989 to manufacture new and innovative products that bring comfort, relief and relaxation to people all over the world.

Our customers operate HydroMassage in chiropractic offices, fitness clubs, tanning salons, beauty salons, day and medical spas, hotels, malls, corporate centers, for personal use and more.

Company Leadership

Mr. Paul Lunter, President and Founder, has been actively involved in the medical community, specifically pain management, for the last 20 years. Prior to JTL, he was Chief Executive Officer of Digital Chainsaw, a website hosting and development company. Paul grew the company from two to more than 100 employees in less than five years, and eventually sold to High Speed Access, a company owned by Paul Allen of Microsoft. Paul also holds three patents and is the proprietor of seven successful business ventures.

Key Customers

Crunch Fitness, Golds Gyms, Workout Anytime, Chuze Fitness, Lady of America, Snap Fitness, Anytime Fitness, and several other large fitness chains The Mayo Clinic Planet Beach Contempo Spas Walter Reed Army Medical Center


All JTL products are manufactured in the United States, meeting UL / CE / CSA safety standards as well as being registered as a Class I medical device with the FDA. Each component must first pass a rigorous 5,000 hour life expectancy test before being used in production. During production, each product must pass a 268 inspection checklist, receive approval from four different employees and managers, and undergo a 24 hour testing process before being considered ready for shipment. All products come with a two year warranty on all moving components and a five year warranty on major structural elements.

Brand Integration

In late 2008, JTL Enterprises announced plans to integrate our two, then separate brands, AquaMED and HydroMassage to form one all-inclusive brand, under the name of HydroMassage. The medical brand, AquaMED had been successful with in the medical market for over 20 years, serving many fields in the medical industry. The HydroMassage brand, conversely had been a pioneer in the leisure markets for many years.

Both AquaMED and HydroMassage products have been designed based on thorough research and customer feedback over the 20 years in business. This has resulted in a continuous drive to produce the highest-quality and most technologically advanced products and features available.

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